January 2017  
Upcoming Events


Camp Committee Meeting
We will meet at 10:00 AM at the associational office.

Winter is here!

Here are a couple of things as winter pertains to FBA....

1. If any of our schools are closed due to inclement weather....any FBA meeting scheduled will be canceled and/or rescheduled. If the weather gets bad during the day, I will try to get last-minute cancellations posted to facebook.

2. During the months of December, January, and February the office will be closed on Fridays to defray utility costs. You can still reach me on my cell phone in case of a need that may arise, or if you don't have my cell phone number just message me at my email address.


Welcome to Fellowship Baptist Association!

     Fellowship Baptist Association is a network of Southern Baptist Convention and Missouri Baptist Convention churches committed to work together in an effort to follow the Great Commandment and fulfill the Great Commission.   Our churches are primarily located in Benton, Hickory, and St. Clair counties in the great state of Missouri.....and we hope you'll consider making one of them your church home!!

    A seminary professor once asked a question of some international students, "What do you understand the term 'Fellowship' to mean?"  There was a moment of silence and one finally said, "Fellows in the same ship?"  Now, isn't that even more true than what we usually think of "Fellowship?"!  I hope as you think of Fellowship Baptist Association, it's in the light of this unique definition....that we are here together.....serving Christ and one another.


Contact Information:

Phone -- 660-438-6678

e-mail -- office@fellowshipbaptistassociation.com

Contact Us  
Fellowship Baptist Association
19437 Baptist Ridge Road
Warsaw, Missouri 65355-5224
Phone 660-438-6678
Regular Schedule  
  • Normal Office Hours -- Monday-Friday
    9:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Children's Ministry Day

Children's Ministry Day is Saturday, February 18

Children's Ministry Day is a great way to get the children in your church motivated and engaged in mission action in their own community. What better way to get them motivated than to help them to see that they are joining thousands of other children across North America to minister to people with the love of Jesus? Imagine the impact the church of Jesus Christ could have in North America if children everywhere lead their entire church family to minister in their communities!

If you are interested, WMU has a CMD packet available for around $17.00. However, if you would rather, I’m sure you could do a local children’s mission project without it.... Help the kids bake some cookies to take to shut-ins. Or maybe take the kids on a community service project (rake leaves...pick up trash around the community...pass out tracts and lightbulbs/batteries). The list is pretty endless you know....

Great Commission Conference

2017 Great Commission Conference

(formerly the MBC Evangelism Conference)

Join us in Springfield Feb. 23-25, 2017, for the Great Commission Conference. Formerly known as the MBC Evangelism Conference, the 2017 GCC is an expanded multi-generation event to equip and encourage Missouri Baptists in all facets of gospel ministry. It is designed for pastors, church staff leaders, students, campus missionaries, and anyone else seeking encouragement and equipping for The Mission!


There will be biblical preaching and teaching, corporate worship, training / equipping, networking/relationship-building, and story sharing. Together we will celebrate God’s work among us to make disciples, multiply churches, and develop leaders.

Baptist Ridge Camp

For information on how your group can use Baptist Ridge Camp, give us a call at the Fellowship Baptist Association office.  We invite you to participate in our weekly volunteer work day each Tuesday. We start with coffee and fellowship around 9 am, then do some "chores" followed by lunch and a few more "chores". Leave when you need to, but be sure to stay as long as you like.

Disaster Relief

For information on how you can assist hurricane or tornado victims please call (800) 736-6227 ext. 630.  For Disaster Relief updates, training dates and locations, or information on other ways you can be involved in Missouri Disaster Relief, please visit www.mobaptist.org